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K-Movie : Cracked Eggs and Noodles

Director Oh Sang-hun (THE GREATEST EXPECTATION) helms the winning comedy Cracked Eggs and Noodles, a film about the humorous trials and tribulations of an unlikely father-son team! The film tells the story of Dae-Gyu (Im Chang-jeong, a frivolous twenty-six year old, who is startled to learn one fateful day that he is the father of a precocious seven-year old boy! The reunion begins when the supposed son In-Kwon (Lee In-seong appears at Dae-Gyu’s door out of the blue, refusing to leave until the reluctant and highly confused Dae-Gyu agrees to take him on an impromptu father-son road trip! What starts out as a rollicking comedy becomes a poignant family drama towards the end as the strange pair end up changing each other’s lives in ways they never expected. Hailed as one of South Korea’s top-notch comic performers, Im Chang-jeong was paired up with the young Lee In-seong, who beat over a thousand other children to snag the coveted lead role. Fans of Takeshi Kitano’s Kikijiro might find something to cheer about in the offbeat, father-son road movie, CRACKED EGGS AND NOODLES!

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