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K-Movie : Portrait of a Beauty

Retired court painter Han-pyong Shin seeks to settle an old score with the most sought after painter of that time, Hong-do Kim (Yeong-ho Kim). Shin raises his son to surpass Hong-do Kim, but his son commits suicide over his lack of talent. The father then pushes his daughter Yun-jeong to disguise herself as her brother and enter the world of court painters. Now the grown-up Yun-jeong (Min-sun Kim), better known as "Hyewon" - the pen name of Yun-bok Shin, finally enters the court and learns to paint under the guidance of Hong-do Kim, who is trusted by by King Jung-jo. Hong-do Kim quickly notices Yun-bok's huge potential as well as his girlish features. Things remain normal until Yun-bok goes out and comes across a playful seller of mirrors, Kang-mu (Nam-gil Kim). When their romantic adventure takes off, it is Hong-do Kim who ends up heartbroken. Kim's jealousy, and his desire to own Yun-bok physically and emotionally, soars to a perilous level.

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